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King David Yiddish Folk Pre-Primary

Yiddish Folk Pre-Primary School

In September 1937, a small committee who had faith, courage and ambition, decided to establish a Yiddish Folk School in Johannesburg.  The origin of the school was in a small hall, in a building in the centre of town. At the end of 1945, the School Committee bought a double story house in the same street and a year later, after considerable repairs were done, the Nursery School and Folk School moved in the premises.  

In the forties, a large number of Jews moved from Doornfontein to Yeoville, Orange Grove, Sydenham and other suburbs and the School Committee opened another school in Sydenham in 1950 and in 1953, another Nursery School was established.

Saturday, the 16th of June 1962, marked the official opening of the new school at 107 - 9th Avenue, Sydenham.

In 1995 the school was taken over by the South African Board of Jewish Education.

Under the guidance and leaership of the SABJE, the school has obtained levels of excellence that are unrivaled. Every child's unique needs are catered for. We have individualised Education plans for both gifted children and children who required intervention. We have an iPad programme in keeping with educating the 21st century child. We aim to nurture and educate the child holistically and we therefore offer everything a child needs to be the best little mensch they can be.

Yoga classes, Tumbling Tigers, baking, music and drama, hip hop, karate and pottery are all part of a week at King David Yiddish Flok. This is coupled with a rich heritage and a sense of identify that makes our school unique. The children participate in Hebrew lessons each week too.

We strive to offer academic excellence in a happy, secure and "hamish" environment. 



Andy Haefner