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King David High School

King David High School - Linksfield

King David High School, Linksfield, was established in 1955 as a community school. The school seeks to accept every Jewish pupil, provided that in doing this, we can deliver on our vision for all our students.

King David High School, Linksfield, proudly maintains its status as one of the premier Jewish Day Schools, both nationally and internationally. This has been achieved by producing graduates who have excelled in both the secular and Jewish domains.

The key philosophy in the nurturing of a King David High School leaver is to seek to produce a      mensch with self respect for all other human beings; an individual of empathy, humility,   imagination, capable of critical thought, concern for the needs of others, with accountability, the ability to communicate effectively and to be an holistically well-rounded person, equipped with the resources to take up the challenges in all areas of life: spiritually, emotionally, academically, culturally and on the sports field.

The holistic nurturing of each student is the role of:

  • Each individual student him/herself
  • The senior student leadership group
  • Tutors
  • Directors
  • Other staff
  • The head
  • Parents

The school principal is in overall authority for the operation of the school and is responsible for interpreting and implementing the aims and objectives of the SABJE. He/she is responsible for disciplinary issues and also to ensure that the day-to-day activities of the school run efficiently. The heads of Hebrew and Jewish Studies are responsible for the implementation of all Judaic and Hebrew issues.


Lorraine Srage