South African Board of Jewish Education (SABJE)

Since 1929 the SA Board of Jewish Education (SABJE) has led the pursuit of Jewish Education within the South African community.  The SABJE is the controlling body of the King David Schools and represents the Jewish community in educational matters.

Its purpose is to guide the King David Schools ensuring that the strategy, ethos and finances are all sound and in place. The Board, through the office of the Director, represents all Jewish Day Schools in its interface with Government, the Department of Education, The National Association of Independent Schools, as well as the Independent Examination Board.

King David Schools currently has are over 3300 students and 300 educators across 11 schools, located on five campuses (Linksfield, Victory Park, Sandton, Minnie Bersohn and King David Rosabelle Klein in Waverley)

Under the leadership of Eli Atie (Chairman), Rabbi Kacev (General Director) and a highly skilled and competent Board of Directors and professional staff, the SABJE has a clear vision of the future of the King David Schools. This vision incorporates academic excellence, fostering the Jewish and Zionist ethos of our schools, and providing as many opportunities as possible to allow our students to achieve success in all of their future endeavours.

The SABJE’s strategy has evolved over the years, moulding and influencing the many vital decisions that affect King David Schools on a daily basis. The current drive is embodied in the slogan “Excellent Teachers, Teaching Excellently”.  Our goal is to provide the best general and Jewish education under the guidance and leadership of the best educators available, whilst continually improving and upgrading facilities and resources.

Chairman's Welcome

King David Schools are central to the vibrant nature of the Johannesburg Jewish community.  They have played this role for 70 years and have had an impact on thousands of students over the years.  It is the role of the South African Board of Jewish Education (SABJE) to take care, in its fiduciary role, of this communal asset which currently has over 3300 students on 5 campuses in 11 schools.

We have, as a board focussed on teacher excellence, dynamic curricula and appropriate facilities as the key drivers for sustained good results.  It is also important to bring this excellent offering to as many Jewish children as possible, in a responsible manner, within the constraints that face us.

As such, the SABJE continues to work with the King David Schools' Foundation (KDSF) to facilitate investment in the Schools.   We have also looked to consolidate efficiencies at pre-school level by closing Yiddish Folk at the end of 2016, growing King David Pre-Primary Linksfield and welcoming Rosabelle Klein Nursery School in Waverley to the SABJE.  Our newest addition to the King David Schools is King David Ariel - offering excellence in remedial education with all the benefits of a King David School.

As the Chairman of the SABJE, I continue to support the investment in the Jewish ethos of our Schools, growing student engagement with their own identity and the State of Israel.  In working with the Board members and School management, I am committed to finding ways to continually improve the treasure that previous generations bequeathed to our community.

Eli Attie

Chairman of the SABJE

Message from Rabbi Kacev

The King David Schools, Linksfield, Victory Park, Sandton, Minnie Bersohn and King David Rosabelle Klein Nursery School in Waverley, sit at the heart of the South African Jewish community.

For the past 7 decades, since the first school’s inception, King David Schools have continued to provide the community with an excellent Jewish and general education.

This excellence is based upon a number of key pillars:

  • The focus on a child’s holistic development
  • Excellent teachers teaching excellently
  • A quality curriculum
  • An ethos driven by academic results
  • A caring Jewish environment.

Each school has an atmosphere of its own serving its specific community, yet all subscribe to the objectives of the South African Board of Jewish Education (SABJE).

The impact of these schools on the Jewish community, the general community and the upliftment provided in social outreach programmes has been enormous over the years. Thousands of King David alumni, across the world will testify to the impact that a King David School education has had on their lives, and they in turn, continue to make a difference to communities around the world.

We invite you to continue exploring each of our schools by clicking on them and we hope to see one of your children experiencing our first class education.

Rabbi Craig Kacev

General Director


South African Board of Jewish Education (SABJE)

South African Board of Jewish Education