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We welcome Mr Andrew Baker as Head of King David High School, Victory Park.

2014 Annual Financial Statements -- see Newsroom

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Project Excellence

Project Excellence
The King David Schools have always had a good reputation. The current Board members were not happy to just accept this. Core analysis showed that there was room for improvement. Project Excellence strives to have the best teachers, best curriculum being delivered in the most appropriate facilities. The SABJE believes that an already good curriculum will become an excellent one by investing in its resources (teachers and facilities).

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Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs
Students go on outings together, assist fellow students with studies and are continually looking for ways to make a difference. The funding for such projects is housed in the King David Foundation.

Future Plans

  • Security upgrade for the entire school system.
  • Classroom improvements have already begun and will continue until each and every classroom is modernised in the appropriate manner. 2009 will see King David Linksfield High starting its improvement programme.
News Postings

Welcome from Rabbi Kacev

The King David Schools, Linksfield, Victory Park, Sandton, Yiddish Folk and Minnie Bersohn, sit at the heart of the South African Jewish community... 

Rabbi Craig Kacev
General Director
Read full welcome letter [PDF]

Welcome from Steven Joffe

As the premier Jewish day school system in South Africa, currently with over 3350 students and 300 educators across 10 schools located on five campuses, we welcome students of all Jewish affiliations and beliefs and strive to give them a Jewish education which is relevant and compelling.

Steven Joffe
Chairman                                   Full welcome letter